Senior Software Engineer with Windows and Linux DevOps experience working in an Agile environment for FinTech PCI-DSS compliant businesses. Highly competent in Windows and Linux automation, using Chef and Ansible. Experienced in infrastructure automation, using Packer and Terraform, on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware. Implemented High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) best practices. Designed and managed Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Deployment (CD) tools, processes, and pipelines.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer/DevOps


Worked as a Senior Software Engineer within the Platform Engineering Team, with DevOps responsibilities for designing, creating and implementing CI/CD tools and infrastructure.

Responsibilities: -

  • Supported the migration of a monolithic application to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using NServiceBus MSMQ plus DTC and RabbitMQ transportation layers
  • Create AWS infrastructure, including EC2 Windows instances with Active Directory servers, for migration from data center
  • Implement and maintain of all CI/CD systems, including Jenkins, Artifactory, Gerrit, Octopus Deploy, and Windows build/deploy agents
  • Create Chef and Ansible playbooks for CI/CD servers
  • Create HashiCorp Terraform templates to deploy AWS and VMware architecture
  • Create HashiCorp Packer templates for AWS AMIs and VMware templates
  • Act as interim Scrum Master and Team Leader

Key Achievements: -

  • Introduced the use of NuGet, Artifactory, and Octopus Deploy to manage dependencies and package deployments
  • Created a process to deploy a legacy VB6 application using Chef, Powershell, and AWS S3
  • Created a Data pipeline in Python using AWS Lambda, Kinesis, and Glue.
  • Created Ansible roles to deploy an ELK/Elastic stack, Artifactory, Gerrit, and Jenkins servers
  • Developed a RESTful Reporting Service using C#, Entity Framework (EF), JQuery and d3.js
  • Created Powershell build and deploy scripts to replace, Ruby Rake and MSBuild scripts, which included a DSL implemented in PowerShell for NuGet packing
  • Developed a Ruby application to create Graphviz DOT files of Microsoft Visual Studio solution dependencies and display them via a JQuery website that allowed selection and filtering
  • Developed and maintained multiple in-house tools using Ruby on Rails, C#, AWS Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Software Internationalization Engineer II

PopCap Games International

Responsible for source code changes to ensure that flagship games, like PopCap’s Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle, and Zuma, worked in multiple regions.

Responsibilities: -

  • Internationalization and localization of all flagship games, across multiple platforms (PC, iOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Nintendo DS) and in multiple development languages (C++, Objective-C, Flash ActionScript)
  • Liaised with US and APAC project teams to achieve timely delivery of project goals
  • Acted as point of contact and subject matter expert for Internationalization

Key Achievements: -

  • Reduced art resource requirements by automating Adobe Photoshop to create Asian language Bitmap Fonts
  • Created a script to import/export text from Photoshop files, allowing for faster translation of graphical assets
  • Developed numerous Python, JavaScript, and VBA tools to reduce engineering time and resources
  • Managed multiple key projects simultaneously – liaising with multiple project stakeholders in the US and APAC
  • Consistently took the initiative to scope new technology requirements and analyse project impacts

Software Internationalization and Build Engineer

Welocalize/Connect Global Solutions

Worked as lead engineer on various projects, responsible for projects and team members.

Key Achievements: -

  • Received client recognition for designing, developing, and implementing an online system in Classic ASP that validated Translation Memories (TMs) and ensured higher leverage
  • Created extensive GNU Make and Microsoft NMake makefiles for building and deploying applications into multiple locales
  • Developed C++ tool to extract text from the Palm OS RSRC file format, enabling shorter localization cycles

Software Localization Engineer

Bowne Global Solutions

Key Achievements: -

  • Developed numerous Microsoft Word VBA macros to enhance the localization workflow
  • Developed comprehensive functional test scripts for cutting edge mobile devices, like Handspring VisorPhone

Software Localization Engineer and IT Network Administrator

Tek Translation

Key Achievements: -

  • Migrated Novell to Windows NT 4 and Pegasus Mail to Exchange Server
  • Set-up and maintained Sage Line 100, a MS-DOS based accounting system


Certificate in C++ Programming

  • Open University (MT262 Module)

Certificate in Programming

  • Cambridge Information Technology (Pascal & Delphi)

BTEC 1st Diploma in Science & Health

  • 12 Distinctions and 4 Merits